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 +====== Workflow and Statistical Analysis catalogs ======
 +      * The catalog directory can be anywhere on the storage space of the server. It must be defined in the configuration file, as shown below:
 +      * <code shell>
 +# BSWF Definition Files ( Processors & Workflow )
 +      * A **Workflow** is implemented as a directory containing ​ itself three sub-directories,​ plus one definition file.
 +         * the **‘def’** sub-directory: ​
 +             * contains the analysis definition files which serve to automatically build the GUI of input masks of the analysis parameters with some default values, and also the the header of R scripts taken into account the initialization of parameters with the values given by the user.
 +         * the **'​doc'​** sub-directory: ​
 +             * contains the analysis documentation files describing the the analysis parameters within the input mask.
 +         * the **'​scripts'​** sub-directory: ​
 +             * contains the analysis scripts themselves (not including the initialisation part of their parameters, given that the header of each script, automatically generated, takes into account this part )
 +         * the **'​workflow.def'​**:​
 +             * contains the list of all allowed analyses within the workflow i.e that can be choice by users. The workflow definition file for the default workflow is shown below as an example: ​
 +{{ :​main:​wf_default_def.png?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +**See an example**: ​ [[expca|PCA]]
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