BioStatFlow is a web application for analyse “OMICS” Data with statistical methods. It deals with the analysis of data generated from an experiment.

Typically, an experiment is organized to ensure that the right type of data is available to answer the questions of interest as clearly and efficiently as possible. This process is called experimental design. The specific questions that the experiment is intended to answer must be clearly identified before carrying out the experiment. In particular, this implies the choice of experimental factors. A factor of an experiment is a controlled independent variable; a variable whose levels are set by the experimenter. Treatments (control vs. stress), genotype (WT vs. mutant), the course of time (development stages) or even tissues, are typical factors of experiments. Each OMICS approach also implies dependent variables or simply called variables (in statistics: individual measurable properties) that can be either of interest such as genes, proteins, metabolites, or related to the analytical techniques such as spots on 2D-gel, m/z - retention time, NMR chemical shifts …

OMICS experiments yield large amounts of data, too much to be interpretable by eye. A combination of Multivariate and Univariate data analyses are therefore essential to extract and visualize the information of interest. So, biologists need to gain basic knowledge about the statistics employed to critically contribute to and evaluate protocols and their experimental results. But it also requires useful, fast and easy statistical tools on-line for who is not an expert. It is why BioStatFlow has been developed to meet this need.

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